Gallery So Collections Bull (牛図)


Bull (牛図)
Soga Shohaku (曽我 蕭白) [1730-1781]       
Bull (牛図)
113.4 x 46.4㎝
With mounting
195.6 x 56.5㎝
Ink on paper
* Seals「蕭白」,「曽我暉雄」

Soga Shohaku (1730-1781) is a painter who livedat the time when mainstream of the Japanese painting Sbecame to the "Maruyama school" of realism.
He wins fame in technique of the wide knowledge that he learned from"Unkoku school"(inherits the style of painting of"Sesshu"),"Soga group"(excelled in Picture of hawk), and Kyoto branch of "Kano school".
In his work, attentive expression coexists with bold expression,Furthermore he used the light and shade of the ink skillfully of the work.
He proceeded to another way with "Maruyama school" who had much superficial expression. He can cope with all demand. Because, When he is drawing of the China historical fact, a motif is expressed ugly and jocularly, On the other hand, when drawing a flowers and birds figure and animal painting, expression delicate and gentle to that the feeling of an animal was transmitted to us.

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