Kinoshita Itsuun (1800-1866) was a Nagasaki nanga painter of the late Edo period. He is known as one of the three greatest painters in Nagasaki along with Tetsuō Sōmon and Miura Gōmon. His childhood name was Yashiro, his first name was Sosai, and his common name was Shikanosuke. In addition to Itsukumo, he was also known as Yochiku Yamato, Monotsuko, Nyorai Yamato, etc. He was born in Yawata-cho, Nagasaki.
He was born in Yawata-cho, Nagasaki, the third son of Katsushige Kinoshita, and succeeded his elder brother Cousen as Otomei, later passing the reigns to Cousen’s son. He studied painting under Ishizaki Yusi, a Chinese painter, and then under Jiang Jianbo, a Chinese painter who came to Japan to study nanga (Chinese-style painting). He is also known for his role as the chairman of the Nagasaki Maruyama Kagetsuro Seitan-kai, which promoted cultural exchange between Japan and China.