Yamamoto Baiitsu (1783-1856) was a literati painter of the late Edo period. He was born in Owari, the son of an engraver. His name was Ryo (亮), his real name was Oyasuke (親亮), his Chinese characters were Meikyou (明卿), and his nickname was Unenkichi (宇年吉). His painting titles were Shun-en, Chikugan, and Umeyoshi, and later Ume-itsu. His other names include Baikadojin, Gyokusen, Tendou Gaishi, Aoien, Yuchikusou-i, and Shiraume-i. He painted at the Yamada Palace for many years. He is said to have studied painting under Yamada no Miya, but the details are unknown. Later, it is said that he studied under Yamamoto Rantei and then under Zhang Wolkiao. At the age of 22, he left for Kyoto with Chikudo, but eventually returned to Nagoya, where he was appointed as an official painter of the Owari domain in 1854.
He showed excellent technique in both landscape and flower-and-bird paintings, and was especially good at flower-and-bird paintings with gorgeous colors. Together with Chikudo, he is a representative of the Owari nanga school of painting centering on Nagoya.