Sumie Buzen (1734-1806) Osaka painter of the mid to late Edo period. A student of Tsukioka Setsudo. His family name was Nagata and his first name was Dokan or Kan. Nickname was Shozo. His characters are Zizen. He went by the names Fuobo, Shingetsu, Buzenzai, etc. He was a member of a family of shipwrights in Osaka. He was born into a family of shipwrights in Osaka. He first studied under the ukiyoe artist Tsukioka Sessuei and painted pictures of beautiful women, but gradually became interested in Chinese painting and studied its techniques as well. In addition to painting, he earned a high reputation for his diverse works, including metalwork such as sword fittings and a fortune-telling table with stones set in a bowl and plants and scenic objects.