Date Yoshimura (1680-1752) was a feudal lord in the early Edo period. His first name was Murafusa. His family name was Fujijiro. His family name was Shisan, Tonoshoken, etc. He was the eldest son of Date Munefusa, lord of Mutsu Province, Miyatoko Territory (present-day Miyagi Prefecture). He was adopted by Tsunamura Date and became the fifth head of the Date family, the lord of Mutsu Sendai in 16th year of Genroku era (16th year of the Genroku era). He is regarded as the founder of the Mutsu Sendai clan, who restructured the finances, promoted industrialization, and established academic institutions.
Yoshimura also showed great talent in the arts, including waka poetry, calligraphy, and painting, and his paintings were characterized by a delicate style, based on the Yamato-e style, and he even created his own self-portraits.