Shokado Shojo (1584-1639) was a literary figure of the early Edo period. Calligrapher and painter. His family name was Nakanuma. He was a Shingon priest of the Takihonbo of Yamashiro Otokoyama Hachimangu (Ishimizu Hachimangu Shrine), and his name was Shikibu. Also known as Sesshu-o and Sorashiki. A native of Izumi.
He attained enlightenment at the age of 17, practiced esoteric Shingon Buddhism, attained the rank of ajari-hoin, and became the abbot of Takimoto-bo. In his later years, he gave Takihonbo to his disciple, and lived a life of elegance and refinement, including waka and renga poems, and the tea ceremony.