Inaba Shinden (1906-1986) was a Japanese Rinzai Zen priest. His Buddhist name was Genmei. His chamber name was Coiling Dragon Cave. His surname was Inaba. At the age of 14, he entered the priesthood of Yamazaki Daikō Rōshi, who was then residing at Rinzai Gokoku-ji Temple in Taiwan, and in 1929, he entered the Tenryū Monastery in Kyoto to attend Zen meditation under Seki Seitō Rōshi. Later he succeeded to the Dharma of Daikoh Roshi. In 1926, he became the abbot of Jizai-in, the pagoda of Tenryu-ji Temple, and later became the abbot of the Kokutai-ji School and the head monk of the monastery.