Kobori Masayuki (1620-1674) was a feudal lord and tea master in the early Edo period. He was the 2nd lord of the Komuro domain in Omi Province. His childhood name was Garaku, later Daizen, and his first names were Nobu and Masatoshi. His family name was Sokei, Narimunean, and so on. His official rank was fifth cousin and Bicchu guardian. Born in Fushimi as the second son of Kobori Masakazu (Enshu). His mother was the adopted daughter of Takatora Todo. He learned the tea ceremony from his father Enshu and calligraphy from Shokado Shojo. Known as a Noh calligrapher, she succeeded Enshu upon his death. She is known for summarizing Enshu’s achievements as a tea master and laying the foundation for the Enshu school of tea ceremony.