Lee Ufan was born in 1936 in Gyeongju South Province, South Korea.

He came to Japan in 1956 and studied philosophy before turning to art,

He became a leader in the theory and practice of the “Mono-ha” school at the end of the 1960s,

He is an artist who is currently attracting attention

not only in Japan’s contemporary art scene but also internationally.


-The space where you can feel Lee Ufan’s view of art with all five senses, and his works…


“I want my work to be a life form that contains contradictions and has potentiality.

A stroke of a brush, a stone, a sheet of steel,

The state of a stroke of a brush, a stone, or a sheet of steel must be that of a living thing filled with power, in response to other things.

The power of the materials used is important,

The work must also work as a relation between the materials and the space around it.

In this way, the work breathes reality and ideas and influences them at the same time.”

-Lee U-fan-