Oga Minbu (1728-1774) was a musician of the mid-to-late Edo period. His real family name was Wei. His family name was Wei. His Chinese character was Ziming. He went by the name Kimiyama. He was born in Hizen Province (Nagasaki). He was the fourth generation of Wei Zheng-Yuan (1617?-1689), who introduced Ming-era music to Japan. He did not want to take over the reigns of his family and wanted to spread Mingaku, which had been handed down only within his own family, to the world, so he went to Kyoto and performed it before lords. He was also supported by Sakai Garakuto, the lord of the Himeji domain, and at one time had as many as 100 disciples. After Hui Koga Minbu, he introduced the Nanpohin style of painting to the Kamigata region at an early date, but his biography as a painter is unknown.