Ogata Gekko (1859-1920) was a Japanese ukiyoe artist and Japanese-style painter of the Meiji and Taisho periods. Born in Kyobashi, Edo. His real name was Kagami Shonosuke. His other names are Sakurasai, Meikyosai, and Hana Gyorou. Adopted by Ogata Mitsuya and took the Ogata family name. He studied painting on his own under the patronage of Tani Buncho, Kikuchi Yosai, Kawanabe Kyosai, and others. In the early Meiji period, he painted illustrated villas, maki-e on rickshaws, and underpainting for export ceramics. He also produced illustrations for “Eiri Asano Shinbun”, mouthpieces for magazines such as Shunyodo and Hakubunkan, and the nishikie “Gekkou Manga”. In 1898, he participated in the founding of the Nihon Seinen Eiga Kyokai (Japan Youth Painting Association) and the Nippon Gakkai (Japan Painting Society), and in 1898, he became a member of the Nippon Bijutsu-in (Japan Art Institute), becoming an active member of the New School.