Esetsu Soryu (1599-1666) was a Rinzai Zen priest of the early Edo period. He went by the names of Nonyoshi, Kare-tai-ji, Kare-atta-ji, and Nonyonashi. He was born in Izumi (Osaka Prefecture), entered Kyorensha (Great Amida Sutra Temple), and was ordained as a priest. He later joined Sawan Sopeng and later Etsuki Sogan, and became the head of Ryuko-in Temple. In 1644, he was promoted to the 181st generation at Daitokuji Temple. He later founded Koshinji Temple in Chikuzen (Fukuoka Prefecture), and in 1651, he became the abbot of Shinagawa Tokaiji Temple, which was founded by Sawan. His posthumous name is Zenji Osuna Chikai.