Hirose Kain (date of birth and death unknown) was a Kyoto painter active around the Bunsei period (1818-1830). His name was Jikatsu, and he was also known as Suisokuen. He is said to have first studied the Kano school, but later joined the school of Mikuma Hanafujiro, who was known as a master of cherry blossom paintings, and like his teacher produced many cherry blossoms. He also showed great talent in literature and waka poetry, and Hanakado is famous for his efforts in explaining cherry tree varieties and preserving famous cherry trees. Among his representative works are “Forbidden Cherry Blossoms in the Palace,” which depicts the Sakonzakura cherry blossoms that Emperor Niko was allowed to see during his reign, and “Cherry Blossoms in the Palace,” which depicts the corridor cherry blossoms of the Sento Palace.