Morimura Gitō (1871-1938) was a painter active from the Meiji to Showa periods. His childhood name was Teiji, and he went by the name Unbo, and separately by Inakamura-sha. He was born in Nagoya, the son of Morimura Ginami, a Confucian scholar of the Owari domain. He first studied Shijo school Eo under Kimura Unkei and Okumura Shiran, and later switched to the Tosa school, studying Yamato-e under Kimura Kinshu and Hibino Hakkei.
He studied Sesshu, Tanyu, Tanaka Nagon, and Ukita Issei, and developed a careful and delicate style using Yamato-e techniques. He was active mainly at the Bunten and Teiten exhibitions, and also devoted himself to the promotion of local culture by opening the Shoinaka Painting School. His disciples include his children Morimura Ikuei, Hattori Yuko, and Hayashi Unpo.