Yokoi Kinkoku (1761-1832) is a painter of the late Edo period. He was born in Shimogasa Village (Kusatsu City), Kurita County. He was a monk of the Pure Land sect and later became a Shugenja (ascetic practitioner). His name was Myokei, and his other names were Batodojin and Axoso. He was also called Kanaya Shonin or Kanaya Senin. He was first a monk of the Pure Land sect, but later became a mountain ascetic and wandered around the country. In his middle age, he lived in Sumiyoshi-cho, Nagoya, where he associated with literati painters such as Suzuki Narumon and Niwa Yoshinobu, and also studied painting under Chang Wolkyo. He was devoted to Yosa Buson, who was called “Omi Buson” by many people, and he painted landscapes and people as his favorite subjects, as well as haiga (haiga). While living in Nagoya, he produced pottery called “Kanaya-yaki” in Seto.