“Two Cranes”

Itō Jakuchū (Ito Jakuchu)

  • “Two Cranes”
  • “Two Cranes”
  • “Two Cranes”
  • “Two Cranes”
  • “Two Cranes”
Itō Jakuchū
“Two Cranes”
painting:97.2×31.2 ㎝
full length:174.4×33.7 ㎝
ink on paper
Itō Jakuchū (1716-1800) was a painter of the mid-Edo period.
He is very famous in Japan, and known for his unique art style.

Jakuchū was born in Kyōto, as the eldest son of Ito Genzaemon, who was a grocer.
In 1739, when he was 23 years old, his father Genzaemon passed away, and he took over his father's shop. Then, he transferred the headship of the family to his little brother when he was 40 years old. After that, he was into painting.
Jakuchū was already famous at that time as a remarkable painter.
In latter days of his life, he was living in Kyōto.
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