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July in 1985
Started at Karasuma Ayanokoji, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto.
July in 1986
Opened at Kyoto Hotel, Oike Kawaramachi, Nakagyo-ku.
July in 1987
Turned to a public limited company. (Capital Stock 8,000,000yen)
October in 1989
Increased the capital to 32,000,000yen.
December in 1990
Moved to Oike Kano Building 1F&2F, Oike Fuya-cho, because of the renewal construction of Kyoto Hotel.
September in 1996
Moved on the present address.


Wonderful encounter usually enriches our lifetime. Similarly in our field, art, there are various wonderful encounters that raise our spirit.

Appreciating a picture is equal to feel humanity of the painter behind picture. That is to realize his or her surprise, pleasure, the understanding of nature and the universe, etc. In that conversation, we may be encouraged or feel the dignity of nature that we’re about to forget. Closing to nature is equal to become aware of the living things’ life. We believe that this will lead to an affluent society.

Our principle is to help our customers feel the charm of art by their own heart and body.

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